Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project 8 - modifications to pattern

I modified this  free drops pattern so it would fit the yarn I used for the Mushroom Raglan, and my almost 21 month old girl. 

These are the first ever pants I have knitted, and they are very easy and quick to make.

  • cast on: according to the 6-9 months size (96 stitches), 
  • work the pattern until you get to the increases, then increase total of 10 times and end up with 116 stitches (now you have the stitches amount as the 12-18 months size)
  • divide the stitches according to the 12-18 month size (52 stitches on each leg)
  • when knitting the legs, decrease as for 12-18 month size, but knit the desired lengt (I knitted 23 cm as the 2 years size recommends), then I increased as the 12-18 month size to 54 stitches

I love how they are snug fitting at the waist and the legs are just the right width.  The increases/decreases are a bit strange for me , not the most beautiful part of the pants and I might use this pattern again but would change the increases/decreases... not sure how but will need to try some other pant patterns to find the perfect pants pattern but these are pritty darn close. 

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