Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Most used garment in my wardrobe

My mom knitted this sweater for my when I was 14-15 years old, so the sweater is 18 -19 years old.  The sweater is in surprisingly good condition, the yarn is either "Peer Gynt" or "Smart"  Sandnes yarns.

The colour choices were a compromise between me and my mom.   I used it last this weekend . I use it every time we go skiing (which was a lot ... not so anymore), I have used it golfing (I´m not good at it nor do it frequently, but hope to do more of it in the future) and on many occations. It has travelled with me to many places, lived with me in denmark for 6 years.  I love my striped cardigan.  But I´m ready for some new knitted garments in my wardrobe, and I have given up hope that my mom is going to make any more sweaters for me.

So after the pants  I will finish the chunky-cardigan I had started on.  The pants are a quick knit but I have not been knitting that much, so still remains a little bit (1-2 evenings in front of the tv) , I need to finish  almost 10 cm on the end of each leg with ribbing, and then sew the crotch together,  sew the waist with an elastic, weave in ends, wash and then to my favorite part the embellishment, can´t wait to try.  Either a star or a heart that will be sewn into the garnment o the knees.

                                         Here is were I left off with my chuncky garther cardigan

                                          It is garther stitch but looks like crocheting in this picture
                                          Here can you see how thick it is... very chunky indeed.

After I finish the Chunky Garther Cardigan I´m planning on another sweater for me, not just sure yet what to do, seems that I fall more easily in love with children´s clothes , maybe because they are not as big as a commitment as knitwear has been for me :)  I´m hoping that it will not be again 18-19 years until I get the next knitted sweater.

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