Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project 5 finished..

Project 5 is finished, I like it but don´t love it.  Might be the fact that it is a mis-match of two ideas and I maybe liked my first idea best...    It is now drying, the husband likes it so that is the most important thing since he will be wearing it.  I´m hoping for some good weather this easter so that we can enjoy the outdoors and get some pictures of the new sweater.

Now I´m thinking of finishing all the black yarn I bought on sale. Maybe garther stitch and some kind of a Summer "jacket"-type, not sure whether I have enough yarn, as I will have to have it double threaded as I want it to be thick and chunky.  I´m maybe thinking of a big collar, and big buttons in black or silver, maybe asymmetrical?   Here are some inspirations for my next project, link to original source can be found on my pinterest board

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