Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Knitwear in TV shows/movies

I often get inspiration from TV shows and movies, were sometimes you see knitwear that you love.  I loved the sweaters in the danish TV show "forbrydelsen". Then they made an US version of the show "the killing" and I has hoping to see some fabulous sweaters, but I was not very impressed, the main character was without any style.

Here are sweaters from the danish version, which I all like:

 In the US version this sweater was shown
I´m hoping that they have found some more interesting sweaters for season 2 in the US version.   Found these pictures online, not sure whether there they were shown in season 1 or are to be shown in season.  But I´m at least hoping for some fantastic knitwear in the next season of the killing,  after a let down from the first season. 


  1. Haha, og þarna skilur á milli okkar! Ég hef horft á season 1 og pældi aldrei í peysunum ;)

  2. þú hefur kannski séð fallegan lampa, eða sætt sófaborð?