Saturday, April 28, 2012

Colour crazy!

I just added some yarn to my stash, and I just love these colours together.
We took a roadtrip today and went out to the "countryside" to a wool factory outlet
All the lovely icelandic wool was screaming at me to take it all home with me... but I resisted and only bought what I had planned. I will be knitting a sweater for me in these colours, double stranded with 2 different kinds of yarn "plötulopi" which is unspun 100% wool and "einband" which is  lace weight.

I have had in my mind to some kind of an old school sweater for myself... almost grannystyle after I saw this sweater (which obviously has inspired some of my colour choises)

And when I saw this old pattern from Istex I kew I just had to use this pattern and make a sweater in pink :) But I had one problem, this was a sold out pattern and my idea was somehow put on ice.  But then one of my coworkers suggested going to the public library, which I did after work on friday and found the pattern magazine, and I could borrow it for a whole month!!!  Who knew library´s were so much fun.. must go there again soon just to browse some knitting magazines. 
I don´t know when this pattern was published (maybe early 1990´s), when does a knitting pattern go out of patent?  I work with generic drugs so I was wondering what are the rules with regards to knitting.  What is the difference between patent and copyright in knitting?  There are some sites with free vintage knitting patterns and I guess they are all gone off patent/copyright but when does a pattern go out of patent/copyright.

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