Friday, April 13, 2012

Project 6 - Smitten with Mittens

This was my Easter project,  I did not have enough yarn for my chunky cardigan so I did cast on for mittens for my 20 month old.  These are the first mittens I ever make.

She just got in daycare starting this summer/fall and so I had to make some mittens for her. I wanted to make traditional Icelandic/Nordic mittens,  and not sure I ever will again, not loving the size 2mm/2.5mm needles.  I used leftover merino wool yarn (Lanett) that i had from a previous project for her. It didn´t start out well and I accidentally knitted first to mittens for the same hand.
She however loves them and couldn´t be more happier, so I might do this again as nothing is better than to knit for someone who appreciates it. 

It was however a bit difficult to direct her for the photos as she has a hard time standing still. I have also casted on for next project but not been able to knit at all this week. The next project is a sweater for my girl, another daycare project. I´m planning to do a sweater/pants/hat/scarf  all in the same colours so that she can be colour-coordinated out in the playground. 

Photoshoot Direction nr 1 - show me your mittens, and lift them up to your face
 Photoshoot Direction nr 2 - show me your face also
 Photoshoot Direction nr 3 - show me also the front of your mittens
 Photoshoot Direction nr 4 - take the mittens away from your face

At that point I knew I had to change my directions (dad picked the outfit this morning), she was so happy with the mittens and wanted to take them to grandma and grandpa who are taking care of her while mommy and daddy work, and I wanted pictures before she went because I was afraid she might loose them so this was an in-prompt u photo-shoot.

Photoshoot  Direction nr 5 -  Sit down and put the mittens on your lap

 She did not look up just watched her mittens and if she looked up the mittens came with her...   So I scrapped the idea of getting a good photo this morning of her and the mittens and just opened the patio door and put the mittens on the grass. (seems that I forgot to take a picture of the thumb)

I love the outcome, but I put so much work into these mittens and I´m afraid that she will loose them, not sure they will be worth the hazzle if she does loose them. But if she can keep them for the next winter they will be great. So warm and thick and still comfortable and light.  Now I wan´t one for myself, but not have the patience/time to make them now.  Could use another yarn type and bigger needles but I just love them on small needles.  Only time will tell if I am indeed now smitten with mittens. 


  1. Anna Margrét EinarsdóttirApril 14, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    Ég gerði svona vettlinga fyrir Emilíu þegar hún var að byrja á leikskóla. Þvílík vinna í þessu og svo týndust þeir á fyrstu vikunni. Ég vil reyndar meina að þeim hafi verið stolið því þeir voru svo flottir :-)

    1. já ég ætti kannski að gera aðra sem tekur styttri tíma að gera sem hún fær að taka á leikskólann... ansi hrædd um að þeir myndu "týnast" :P