Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project 10 - sewing

I´m on summer holiday, and finally decided to tackle some long overdue sewing projects that I had planned ages ago.

I sewed curtains for my little girls room and a doll duvet cover for her.

My dad built the doll bead for my sister, actually it is a teddy bear bed  built to size for a build a bear teddy.  My mom made a duvet cover for my sister, but I wasn´t loving the fabric it didn´t go to well in her room ;)  (sorry mom).

For one side I used a green flowery fabric.

And on the other side I used yellow checkers fabric, that I got for free from my mother in law, she used to sew and sell to stores diaper storage bags so she has strands of some fabrics and she gave some fabrics to me. 

Here you can see better the green yellow fabric that I bought at JoAnns in Florida last year, intended for a bunting that I made last year (see pictures below) and some other projects in her room that I haven´t gotten around to yet. The duvet cover obviously needs some ironing.

Here you can see the curtains..... not a major sewing accomplishment, but I love them none the less... and they were also for free.  I got the fabric also from my mother in law... lucky me :)

And then a close up of the bunting I sewed last year right before her first birthday..  the blue and the yellow checkered ones are from my mother in law.. the brown and the green I bought at JoAnns last year in Florida.

If you look closely on the curtains picture you can also see a glimps of a dresser I bought in goodwill last year and painted in light blue.

When the recipient of the duvet cover woke up from her nap, she was very happy with the results and decided that it needed to be played with right away.

She will be 2 this coming weekend,  I hope that it won´t take me another year before I tackle another sewing project.

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