Saturday, August 4, 2012

Good-will hunting

I went to the local Good Will this week.....   with all the other crazy people that arrive when the store opens at noon to check out all the "new" stuff.   It was a bit to much for me all these people I like more arriving in the afternoon and to be able to leisurely walk the isles with out any one asking you if you are going to buy the thing you currently hold (and deep down I hate touching things at good will... I at least need to clean my hands afterwards).

I didn´t come home empty handed.....   this beauty came with me

After some spray paint, that I had at home since a spray job I did last summer for a shelf in my girls room.

Trying out some different locations... next to the books?
 Or next to the dresser from good will that I painted...

The doll duvet... with the yellow side up.... was not sold on the yellow with this colour... it is not pink.. it is called peach so it is supposed to be more orange... but I must admit it looks rather pink..

I was planning to sew something in this brown fabric (also used in the banner I showed you here)... but I´m loving the green fabric but I don´t have any more left of that...

I do also have this Ikea fabric at home, that I bought over a year ago..

I was planning to make a beanie bag for my girl to sit on.. but I´m not sure I will ever get around to it as I find it hazzle to find filling for it... and yes I´m lazy and I don´t know where to buy it (enough excuses?)..

I have started on some knitting.... and I´m about to start on another....  Will show you on Monday what I have started on as my girl has her 2´ birthday tomorrow and we have planned a little trip to a petting zoo with her.  As there is national holiday on Monday and official travel/party weekend here in Iceland this weekend we are not attempting to hold a party for her this weekend we will do it at a later date.  She will hate the timing of her birthday for the first years... but I think she will clearly start to enjoy it around 20 when we will let her go to the festivals (am I maybe to optimistic to be able to keep her at home until 20??). But I can´t wait to give her the gifts from us.. and I bought strawberries and blueberries which are her favorites and I will make healthy waffles for breakfast , another favorite of hers.  

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  1. Wow, love it!! What a job to spray paint a chair! I have only spray painted small things, fun fun:-)