Monday, August 6, 2012

Knitting projects that I have started...

I started on this some months ago, no pattern just all from my head and with leftover yarn.  Was planned as a  gift for a friend of mine, who had a baby in april.  But I never finished it, and it is now to small for her baby.

Then I bought white babyalpacasilk from Drops, and planned to make this jumpsuit in all white

Then I had the case of morning sickness/general tiredness during all hours of the day, so no knitting took place for some months.  

But I plan to start on the white jumpsuit soon, I just need to borrow the right size of needles from my mom. 

If I´m expecting a girl I will  finish the started cardigan, but not sure if it will get on top of my priority list if it will be a boy.  I will find out in 11 days time. 


  1. Congratulations:-) Are you sure the cardi wouldn´t be ok for a boy. It doesn´t look that girlie on the picture.

  2. Thank you :)

    I would probably use it for a boy.. but if it is a boy I will probably be using l a lot of pink/girl clothes I´m not sure I will have any desire to finish it for him, but will for sure finish it to give as a gift.