Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Confessions of a Copy´cat

I know that I often get inspired by what I see online, in stores on the street. 

I must have seen this at some point... before I knitted the mushroom sweater, not sure though as it was made before I started blogging. 

And here I was thinking that I had somewhat of an original idea to use the mushrooms from another pattern to make this sweater... well  it turns out that it was something that had been done before...  Rannvá got the same idea, or I got the idea from her.

Well you must at least check out the blog  http://davadottir.blogspot.com , love her knitting.   She just made a  post  with all the lovely things she has made in 2012, and then I saw the pink/brown mushroom sweater. 

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