Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project 11 - Orange butterfly

The sweater is a little big, but I decided to let her start use it.  There is nothing sweeter than knitting for someone who adores everything you knit, and refuses to take it off. 

Note to self:

-  4mm needles,
- cast on 120 stitches, knitted 3, purled 2 for 9 rounds.  Then I knitted 24 cm.
- Sleeves: cast on 35 stitches (knitted 3, purled 2 for 9 rounds).  Then I started to increase every 8th row 2 stitches  (one in the beginning of the row, one in the end of the row) until I had 41 stitches (3 times in total).
- do not decrease evenly with this yarn, as it shows,  use raglan decrease or some other organised method
- yarn: Debbie bliss rialto dk - burnt orange
- butterflies might be a big bigger (purled stitches)


  1. Enjoy that she does not want to take it off again. It tends to wear off, as they grow older. I hardly ever knit anything for my kids anymore, because they don´t want to wear it.
    It is very cute.

  2. I will enjoy it while it lasts :D
    I would love for my mom to still knit for me :D She hasn´t knitted for me since I was a teenager and I´m still wearing that sweater (almost 20 years later) :)
    So I´m hoping that she still wan´t me to knit for her when she ages... even if I will then have to make compromises with regards to the style :D