Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer knit-vacation

I must admit that I haven´t knitted for the last 2 weeks.  The sun is shining until late in the evening, so there is not much of TV watching.  And I´m TV only knitter, I do not travel with my knitting stuff with me, I have no desire to knit out in the nature, seems just like a hazzle.

So I have decided to declare knit-vacation,  not planning on picking up the needles until in september/october.

Might knit something this summer, but there are no plans for anything, with 9 projects finihsed I have earned some knit-vacation.  Maybe I will pick up the sewing machine I have some curtains to hem, and desire to sew some pants and summer hats for my little girl, don´t know if there will be anything of it.


  1. Well, you earned it, seeing as you are way ahead of your goal. But can be without for that long?