Friday, August 17, 2012

Marching elephants

I did not buy another skein of purple, instead I tried again with the same yarn to make another hat with more yellow incorperated.   Not sure how I feel about but the recepient couldn´t be more happier, specially after she requested a monkey hat for her teddy (well sheep to be correct).  I did not comply with the monkey hat request but I did make an elephant hat for the sheep as well, which she loves.

The hat is a bit bigger after wash and much more even.....  I photographed it before wash as it is often not easy to get this toddler to stand still enough to get pictures, but this time around she was so happy with her new elephant-hat that she obliged my request to pose for pictures.  The poses didn´t last for long so the pictures are not so great.

The pattern is the strawberry hat pattern.. originally swedish?  I think that has a similar pattern and I have seen several patterns around.  And the pattern chart is marching elephants that I found here.  She has already one hat in a similar pattern, the strawberry hat and I love it. as it stays on her head.. covers her ears well , does not go in her eyes but it is getting to small and she needs some hats for this winter.

I´m considering making more hats for her in different colours, and one a little bit bigger as this just fits now. Maybe considering cars as a motive as she loves cars.

I will be finishing the sweater that I started in the girl colours ;)

*Update (mostly for me so that I can replicate it at a later point):  I used Sandnes Smart  yarn, and needles 3,5, casted on 72 stitches, knitted straight until the desired length.  Decreases " knit 6, knit 2 together" repeate through out the round,  knit one round,  "knit 5, knit 2 togheter"  and etc... (always decrease every other round and always at the same place that is one fewer stitches between the decreases). Then when a few stitches are left knit the desired length of the tip.


  1. So cute:-) And I love the colour combo!

  2. You should use trains as a motive for the next hat.

    1. well she loves trains... so this must be someone I know... but I´m not sure I would love to knit trains...