Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three shades of purple

I have knitted 3 pair of pants in my lifetime, and they all look the same 

Exhibit A - pants that I just finished

Exhibit B - First pair

Exhibit C - second pair

In my defense, this time around the color was chosen by the recipient, my idea was gray, hers were brown, or this purple. I tried to get my way but was unsuccessful, she´s the most determined person I know.  Her determination are one of the things that I love the most about her and also the thing that is most difficult to deal with in a 3 year old.  Technically they are also not all purple, the pair for my younger daughter is pale pink.

The pants were knitted on 4mm needles with Smart yarn, bigger needles than recommended combined with my loose knitting resulted in a bit longer pants than intended. I knew that they would grow, just not how much.  But since I knew that they would grow I made a long ribbing at the bottom, that would keep them up, and it worked perfectly, they are big but not that big that she can´t wear them.  

They are big hit, and will probably be in use for a long time, just like the first version of this pattern. Which have been in use for the last 2 years.

Needles: 3mm and 4mm
yarn: Smart
Pattern: garnstudio

The modifications that I made this time around are, they are made because my daughter is slim and I´m using another yarn than the pattern is written for.
  • cast on: 6-9 months size (96 stitches), 
  • Made 3x3 ribbing at the beginning
  • work the pattern until you get to the increases, then increase total of 12 times and end up with 120 stitches 
  • made no decreases until the last round before I started the 3x3 ribbing at the bottom
  • made the leg and the ribbing longer than the pattern states (around 45 cm that grew to 50 cm 

I think I will have to make another pair at somepoint in gray for my younger daughter who has no say in what colors she wears. She is though still wearing these pants, but they will be to small for next winter.

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