Sunday, January 12, 2014


I haven´t finished a single thing in 2014, but that doesn´t mean I haven´t been knitting.  I just can´t seem to finish anything.  I´m therefore confessing to my sins and setting a goal to finish at least the 1st thing on the list, because when I do, I will reward myself and go buy yarn for Camomille shawl for myself (but maybe I might buy the yarn anyway just to have it ready for when I need it...)

1. Cardigan from Knit for your kid by Susie Haumann 

2. Squares for lily - love in the language of yarn   I finished 2, I was however planning to use up a lot of scrap yarn and make a lot of squares, at work one of my colleagues has organized that the drug company that we work for will pay for the shipping fee, so all I have to do is knit and bring it to work. It will be sent by the end of january, so I must get started on that.

4. Granny Square Doll blanket
5. Dress for my 3 1/2 year old, made from yarn (green dale baby wool) that I got in yarn swap organized by wool rocks


  1. Gangi þér vel með þetta allt saman. Svakalega er garnið í buxurnar fallegt. Og peysan efst ótrúlega flott :)

    1. takk fyrir það, garnið í buxunum er bara smart úr rúmfatalagernum, keypti á 20% afslætti þar rétt eftir áramótin :)