Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My knitting corner

After seeing Meretes knitting corner, and her knitting mess, I was relieved to see that there are others that are slowly taking over the living room with yarn and other knitting things.

I´m usually very organized person and like to keep my home minimalistic, but it is hard to keep organized when the yarn cant stop behaving like rabbits and multiplying exponentially.  One of the turkish blue boxes is intended to keep current projects that I´m working on (when I´m not knitting), the other box is intended to keep all my needles and things like measuring tape and etc.  The red bucket is intended as a yarn storage.  In reality as you can see I have two bags with UFOs, I have knitting patterns in paper versions that need to be organized, I have some yarn laying around in the closet.  And the white chest on the left, is not intended for my yarn, but houses a lot of leftovers and other things that are to be used in the near future (well or never).  My number one accessory is however my wool blanket (the one with the horses), I seldom knit without it. 

Below is a picture of my current project, that you can also see a bit further progressed on the sofa., Something for me finally on the needles:) Mixture of silk mohair and Einband, it is so soft, I can´t stop petting it. 


  1. Hey! I tried to clear the mess! :) Thanks for joining in!

    1. I have given up on trying to keep my knitting mess under control

  2. Haha,never give up. Knit until it is all gone :-)