Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bellas top


Pattern:  Another pattern from "Babystrik på pinde 3".-Bellas Top

Yarn: Lanett, not sure how much, had a skein that had been started and some scraps (maybe from that skein). 

Needles: 2.5mm and 3 mm

Size:  started with the 3-6months size, found out I had the width for the 9-12 month size while knitting, then when I had washed it it was more like 12-18 months old size (somewhere between 9-12 months and 18-24 months size).  It´s light and airy.

knitted for my giftdrawer, or maybe for my younger daughter.

Doll vest - no pattern, just improvised, was planning to make a cardigan, but didn´t finish it and had it laying in my knitting basket and as I was planning to use as much yarn as I could in Q1 I decided to finish it as a vest much to my toddlers appreciation.

Q1 - new years resolution status update
In total I have now 865g less of yarn  than when the year started. 

Q1 : Stash increased 1300g
Q1: Stash decreased 2165g

Plans for Q2 is to use try to use all scraps of yarn for socks- and etc and increase the amount in my gift drawer.

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