Sunday, April 14, 2013

Finally got rid of this green.

My girls have kept my busy the last week so there hasn´t been done much knitting. My older girl was at home sick most part of the week, and the younger got her first vaccination, and then I was not feeling well when I finally thought I would maybe have some time to knit.  But I managed to invent a game where I could knit for one of my older girls dolls, so I was sitting on the floor involved in a game with dolls for 3 days and managed to knit this, and got rid of almost all of this horrible green baby wool.

My 3 month old loved having her older sister at home. And the older one loved it the first 2 days (this was on day 3 at home)

I was planning to finish this, but there is always next week. This is also wool from my stash.

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