Monday, April 29, 2013

Springtime yarn swap

I sent this on Wednesday, and it should be arriving soon to the recipient.  I didn´t get a chance to photograph the parcel I put it together in a hurry, my in-laws picked up my older daughter in day-care as my younger one was sick so I decided to let them babysit for the first time and made a quick decision to go to the post-office. You never know when you will get the chance next.  The colors are not to good in this picture (the green and purple are more vivid.

I already gathered together a lot of ideas for pattern´s that this yarn can be used for. When I think of spring I think of big shawls, nice wool socks, mittens and hats. We do have lovely spring-sun here in Iceland, but it is often very cold and to be able to enjoy it you need to cover up.  I therefore sent some lace-weight wool and unspun wool, both can make up very light and airy garments that are extremely warm. 

The unspun wool can be knit double (use one thread from the edge of the plate and one thread from the center) and then it is ca. aran or worsted weight,  the Unspun wool can also be knitted together with the Einband (lace weight) and then it is also ca. aran or worsted weight.  I however recommend experimenting with gauges with the unspun wool as people tend to knit it with very different gauge´s.  If you are knitting with the unspun wool, don´t mind that it breaks easily, you don´t have to weave in ends, you just split the ends spin it together in your hands and the thread has been re-joined. 

Out of all the pattern  Ideas thet I collected  I would probably knit Bitterroot with the 2 gray skeins of the einband, and then I would knit sundagsvotter with the burgender/purple color, then I would knit with 1 strand of green einband and the gray plötulopi the litle garter cardi.

 Or I would knit the modern lace shawl with the Einband, and use the lefover einband for the rubiayat mittens, and then use the plötulopi double and knit giftie slouchie beanie

I´m excited to see if the recipient will find a use for the yarn and hoping to see what she will do with it.

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