Monday, April 22, 2013

Icelandic Lopi sweater for me

I wen´t buying some yarn for the yarn swap yesterday afternoon, and came home with yarn for a cardigan for me as well.

I took my little helper with me, she wasn´t agreeing with all my color choices and tried to convince me to buy some additional yarns in colors she preferred (black with glitter (gold/silver) are apparently her thing along with acrylic yarns.. not exactly my cup of tea).. she through down 3 shelves full of yarn. I think this was the last time for a while I took her with me yarn shopping.

I have had intentions to knit this pattern for a long time, and I think now is the time, as I plan on spending the spring outside (as soon as my girls stop being sick) and as it often gets cold here during spring some nice Icelandic wool sweaters are just the perfect outfit.

The pattern I´m knitting is an old Icelandic pattern.

The pattern has been republished, in the book "Knitting with Icelandic wool" so the pattern can be found in English as well.

I fell in love with the color combination in this sweater (eventhough I promised my self to use the sheep's-colors... the natural color of the sheep's as in the picture above).

(the original link to this sweater is lost, it was a link to an etsy shop).

There is also a sweater on Ravelry with similar color combination (shade darker main color)

I now need to find the perfect buttons, any suggestions on where to find similar buttons (metal) to these on e-bay or anywhere else where they don´t cost an arm or a foot?

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