Sunday, September 9, 2012

Project 12 - baby cardigan and pants

First thing I´ve knitted for my baby girl who I´m expeting.  The cardigan is ready. No pattern, measured one of a favourite shirts from my 2 year old when she was newborn and went from there.  Aparrantly made some calculation errors, so the last button is very close to the previous. But I don´t care love it anyway.  I know just need to find the right buttons.

And I decided to start on pants to go with it, I´m basing it somewhat on a drops pattern and somewhat on these modifications... well that was the idea anyway but ended up doing it totally different to make them more baggy and tighter in the waist.. and ended up going more after a pants from my 2 year old than the pattern and the modifications. 

yarn: Debbie bliss rialto dk


  1. So cute! :) The cardigan reminds me of my 'Sigga & Sigurd' pattern :)

  2. yes they are indeed very similar, when I bought the yarn I had this cardigan in mind:
    but frogged it when I was halfways... as I didn´t like how wide it was.. but kept the basic (three garther rows,raglan decreases) and knitted from bottom up.