Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jumpsuit turned shawl...

The jumpsuit I had planned, was just horrible.. it was so wide and uneven the knitting...  so i stopped and started on a baby-vest instead with the yarn...  was not fully happy with the project and my 2 year old made sure that I would not finish it by frogging it for me. 
I was very unhappy with the yarn (dropsbabyalpacasilk)... me and this yarn are not a match made in heaven, I like my knitting to be very even :)      I almost frogged the shawl ... and one skein was even more uneven than the secend (the first) so my thought was that this shawl would never be worn. At this point I was ready to throw in the towel.

But decided to stick with it and see what happened after was,  and it got much better and the yarn is so soft and lovely. But I will never ever attempt to make any item of baby related thing with this yarn.
But me some lovely merino wool (Debbie bliss rialto) and I have started on a butterfly cardigan in newborn size.   And I´m planning on pants as well.

The pattern for the  shawl is just the traditional Icelandic Hyrna.

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