Friday, September 14, 2012

One Sock syndrome

I have currently a case of one sock syndrome for the time being.

i finished one mitten for my 2 year old
i finished one newborn sock
i finished one tv sock

and I was planning on starting more mittens... so I decided that three was my rule for unfinished matching knitting projects... So I finished the second pair of leftover mittens. My 2 year old has been asking constantly for the other mitten, so she took them to use this morning and that´s the reason why I wasn´t able to take a picture until after they were dirty.... sorry for the "dirty picture".

But then another knitting project got in my way.. I was so going to finish all the gray/purple yarn before I bought any more. But i have been planning for a long time to knit a Nova... and I just had to go and buy a yarn for it today. Bought  kambgarn in blue:

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