Monday, September 10, 2012

Pants ready and a matching hat almost finished

The pants are finished,  and I have almost finished a mathcing hat.

As I´m using much thicker yarn than most baby patterns I had to adjust the hat pattern, and it seems that it will be ok, i hope it will fit...   i´m planning to add   bear-ears to it and an i-cord. The pattern for the hat I have on a piece of paper copied from somewhere and in Icelandic.  But here is very similar pattern . I had one of these as a child and I have always loved them.   Modifications that I made is: cast on 24 stitches, (12-12-7-7-12-12).

  Next on the agenda is either a scarf  or mittens or maybe both if the yarn is sufficient, i don´t really feel the need for a scarf for such a little baby as they almost have no neck so I will start with the mittens and then see if i mabye do socks or scarf. 

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