Friday, May 11, 2012

90´s strawberry

I have not been able to knit at all this week, as my little girl and me have been sick.  But I made some progress last weekend.   Every person that has seen this yarn mountain in my living room assumes I´m knitting for my daughter...  but no this strawberry sweater is for me.

I´m counting on that the strong strawberry resemblance will diminish when the yoke is finished, and the sweater will be more resembling this (just a little longer).


  1. This will be interesting to follow. I can see why people assume this is for your daughter. A week without knitting is no fun. Good you are better. Have a nice weekend.

  2. hold kæft Bryndís... þú ert ekkert smá huguð að velja svona bleikan lit :) Efast ekki um að þetta verði flott peysa á endanum :)
    Kv Sólveig