Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 9 - instructions

Yarn: Trysil Sportsgarn , double stranded, ca 16 skeins

Finished measurements:  Forgot to measure it before I gave it away, but as these are very simple instructions, I would recommend that you would make a gauge swatch and then calculate how many stitches you need. And then just follow the instructions below on how to calculate the needed stitches for the sleeves.

Needles: 7mm (seems that there is no US size for this needle size)

Gauge: 10x10cm = 9 stitches and 10 garters (20 rows)

Is knitted front to back, so no need for purl stitches.

Cast on 116 stitches (or the amount of stitches that you need to get the desired width, calculate from your gauge) and knit 5 cm , add a marker after 29 stitches , 87 stitches (on each side).

Decrease: when there are 3 stitches until the marker knit 2 together , after the marker knit 1 and then knit2together.    Do the same with the other marker (112 stitches)

Knit until 10 cm and repeat the decreases at the 2 markers. ( 108 stitches)
Knit until 15 cm and repeat the decreases at the 2 markers ( 104 stitches)

Knit until desired length

Cast on 40 stitches  and knit until desired length (or ca 40% of the amount of stitches that you end up with at the end of the body.. that is 40% of 104 stitches).  (put 8 stitches in the middle on yarn in a different color)

Knit the first 22 stitches in the body ( put 8 stitches in the middle on a yarn in a different colour) (add a marker)
Attach the first sleeve (knit the 32 stitches in the sleeve) - (add a marker)
knit 44 stitches - (add a marker)
Attach the second sleeve (knit the 32 stitches in the sleeve) - (add a marker)
Knit the last 22 stitches.

Raglan decreases:
3 stitches before the marker: skp
after the marker : k1,  k2together

I did this in every round, until I had 3 stitches between the markers, then I started on the collar and knitted 10 garters. I did this so that the collar would not have the raglan decreases. In hindsight I should maybe have done this in every other row , as I did in project 3 and just have the decrases end when the collar did.

Left side: Take up 1 stitch in each garter , and knit  11 garters  , then cast off
Right side:  Take up 1 stitch in each garter, knit 5 garters, then make buttonholes in the next round evenly spread  ( I did three button holes), by knitting 2 together and then yarn over.  I made it the first one after 4 stitches, and then had 11 stitches until the next buttonhole, and then again 11 stitches until the last button hole. Then finish the row.
Knit until you have 11 garters and cast off

graft the 16 stitches under each arm together ( total 32 stitches, 8 from the sleeve, 8 from the body on each side)

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