Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 3 - pattern

Here comes the pattern. This is my first pattern attempt!

Yarn:  Trysil Garn - Superwash Ullgarn, colour: 203    lot: 1307  , 6 skeins
Needles: 5mm (8 U.S)
Gauge - before wash : 10cm x 10 cm :  35 rows / 17 1/2 garthers -  15 stitches
Gauge - after wash :  10cm x 10 cm   24 rows /12 garthers - 16 stitches

Size:  to fit 3 year old (or my large 18 month old)
Chest circumference: 24,4” (62cm)
body length from underarm: 11,8” (30cm)
Sleeve length from underarm: 11,8” (30cm)

Body:  Cast on 117 stiches,  knit back and front (garther stich), knit until 26 cm (10,2 ")
Button holes, make sure to add a few button holes, I added 4 button holes (so that a total of 8 buttons will be added) at the end.  I made them every 16th row, by knitting 2 , knitting2together and then wrapping yarn around.  The first button hole was made after the 27th garter ( 52 rows).  I only made two button holes for the body, before the sleeves were attached.

Sleeves: Cast on 28 stitches, knit garther stitch (back and forth, not in the round) , increase in both sides every 10th row, until there are 32 stitches (2 times).  Knit until there are 26 cm (10,2").   Graft the sleeves together, put 5 stitches in the middle (graft) on a yarn of another colour and tie a knot (or some other method to keep these 5 stitches)

Shoulder: attach the sleeves to the body, still by knitting back and front (not in the round)
- knit 30 stitches (keep the next 5 stitches), attach the first sleeve (make sure the 5 stitches line up.
- knit rest of the sleeve
- knit 47 stitches (keep the next 5 stitches), attach the second sleeve
- knit rest of the sleeve
- knit 30 stitches
knit front and back (remember to have button holes at the end)  now there are a total of 181 stitches on your needles.
The reason for the 60 stitches in the front , as opposed to the 47 in the back, is so that 12 stitches will be overlapping in the front..

Decreases:  mark where you attached the sleeves, 4 marks.  And decrease every other row in front of and behind of each of the mark . (remember button holes)  In front of the mark pass one stitch over, knit 1, and slip the not knitted stich over, after the mark knit2together.    Repeat these 8 decreases until you have only 3 stitches between the marks.   Keep these 3 stitches and continue with the other decreases (total of 4) until you have from the beginning 34 cm or 59 stitches

Hood: Decrease 6 stiches even over the next round until you have 53 stitches.  Decrease 1 stitch at the start of each round for 8 rounds (45 stitches).  Increase 7 stitches even over the next round until 54 stitches.   Knit until 19 1/2 cm (7,7 inches)

Finishing:  Graft together the hood, crochet around the sweater , add buttons.  Graft underarms (5 stitches).