Sunday, October 13, 2013

One down, one to go

I´ve finished the dress for my 3 year old, and I´m not in the mood to start another one yet (for my soon to be 1 year old) , but as I have planes that these will become they´re christmas dresses (please note that plans often change and dear husband if you are reading this (which he probably is not), I might see some fabulous dresses in a store as well that I will have to buy and that any comments made on these site can not be held against me)

the 3 year old was happy, the dress was pink and you can dance in it, that are her 3 outfit requirements these days, it has to be a dress, it has to be pink and you have to be able to dance in it.

I´m seeing this with some nice bolero or cardigans in front of the Christmas tree. 
With maybe silver shoes or brown... who knows. 

Pattern: Knit for your kid by Susie Haumann
Yarn: Isager Highland wool (1 1/2 skein) and Isager alpaca 1 (1 skein)
size: 2 year old, but the length of six year old


  1. Þessi er svakalega fínn, og Snædís virkar ekkert smá ánægð.
    Væri til í að kíkja á uppskriftina hjá þér við tækifæri ;)

    1. já endilega komdu í kaffi bráðum og kíktu á heftið, það er alla veganna 1-2 aðrar uppskriftir í því sem ég ætla að prjóna einhvern tímann