Friday, September 27, 2013

Dejlige Danmark // Wonderful Denmark

We went last week on a trip "home" to Denmark, where we lived for 5 years. We took our girls with us, it was they´re first trip to denmark, and they both enjoyed it. 

During our trip I knitted this neck-warmer

The embelishment is supposed to be a mouse, per request by the owner of this neck-warmer, who wanted her letter and a mouse. I was inspired by Merete to try to embellish with this chain stitch. 

My 3 year old tasted "flødebolle" for the first time, and enjoyed it 

                                           She loved Odense zoo, and she and her "best friend in the whole world"  her own phrase , got to enjoy it together.

 I only got the chance to visit one yarn store, I visited tante grøn in Odense, and bought Isaager yarn and the booklet  knit for your kid. I was with a screaming 8 month old with me, so really didn't get a chance to look around.  I´m a bit regretting the color choice, think the colors are to different, but there wasn´t much of a choice in colors, and I really wanted the pale pink in the alpakka. 

My 8 month old, hated any store she entered, but loved being out and about and watching people. And I certainly can't resist those eyes so I made a quick decision and got out of the store as fast as I could. 

Pattern : is from the book strikk til nøstebarn
Yarn: Dale baby wool, held double
notes: cast on fewer stitches (68), embellished with chainstitch 
needles: 3.5mm
made for: my 3 year old

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