Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Now I´m ready for Christmas to come

As I told you yesterday the Christmas dresses for my girls are ready, now Christmas eve can´t come soon enough. I might make them matching cardigans, or even just buy matching cardigans. 

My husband came home early, so I went out for a drive and a short walk just to gather energy for the next days (weeks to come) at home. Chicken pox has only started with one of my girls, so I might be at home the next 2 weeks with someone sick. 

Pattern and yarn and etc can you find information about in my previous post, when I finished the first dress.  The needle size is 0.5mm smaller than the pattern recommends, as I knit loosely. 

Modifications to make size 1 year old , pattern starts in size 2 year.  Cast on 70 stitches, then follow instructions for 2 year old size, until after the "sleeves" then I increased until 12 stitches between and , then knitted desired length. 

The dresses are bit on the short side, but that is only because I followed the pattern to much, I made the 6 year old length, assuming that it would be long enough for my 3 year old, but is a bit short on her.  I measured her Christmas dress from last year, and the pattern recommends the length for 6 year old, that is the length in a store bought dress in 98 cm size. I´m not sure what Suzie Haumann was thinking, and whether she intended this as tunics instead of dresses? 

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