Monday, October 28, 2013

Simple mittens

I saw these mittens by Merete and decided to use the same pattern, and maybe embroider them. I haven´t embellished them yet, but they are already in use. 

Yarn:  Dale baby wool (held double)
Pattern: Barnehagevotter
Needle: 2.5mm and 3 mm
Size:  1-2 year (length 3-4 years) 

I have also finished the other Christmas dress, and was planning to take both dresses out for a walk tomorrow , and take some pictures, maybe on the beach or somewhere nice.. tired of ugly pictures. But since my older daughter is sick with Chicken Pox, there are at least 7-10 days of inside activities, and there are 90% chances that my younger daughter will get sick as well... there might be some time until it will be finished. In the meantime I have started another dress, but knitting time is limited these days. 

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