Monday, February 4, 2013

Stashbusting Socks and new years resolutions

I´m trying to finish all the leftover yarns that I have (or at least some considerable amount... resolution for 2013) before I buy more yarn.   I had 3 skeins of Trysil sportsgarn left from this project.   I used little over 2 skeins for these socks. They are knitted for me, so another thing that I´m trying to improve on (resolution for 2013). 

The pattern :  Blueberry waffle socks

I was very happy with the socks so i decided to start next with all the fingering yarn (baby yarn) that I have and to make some gifts (another resolution for 2013). I have already made one sock, and used this pattern. The yarn is leftover from these projects,  baby sweater from lanett yarn, and isager alpaca yarn from this sweater

I made three resolutions for 2013
 -  Finish 75% of my current leftover yarn
 - Make gifts to have for some future use (mittens, socks, babystuff ..e.t.c).. with said leftover yarn
  - Make more things for me.

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