Friday, February 24, 2012

Project 1

My first project was to use some of my stash yarn.  I originally intended to follow the pattern "Barnetrøje i hulkrus by Helge Isager" but after knitting halfway through in 2010, I released that I would never ever finish it and it was a waste not to use the yarn for something else.   I knew I wanted to do something with hearts but didn´t find a pattern that I liked.  I therefore made one up, but found the hearts I liked in this pattern:

I did not write it thoroughly enough what I did, so I don´t think someone could follow my instructions (have now forgotten a lot).  For my next project i have been writing everything down what I do as I go along. I therefore hope to have a free pattern here sometime (well at least in one size, the size I´m making).

Here is the first project in 2012, and I love it

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