Sunday, February 24, 2013


My dad will be 60 in April, so I have started working on a "Lopapeysa" for him (Icelandic wool sweater).  Navy blue will be the main colour.

I consulted with him before I started because he doesn´t wear everything , he wears wool frequently so I knew he would love a new sweater. He wanted a blue sweater with a zip. I was baffled  with that choice as I wasn´t sure that Léttlopi carried any nice blue colours and was uncertain what colors to choose with it. Fortunately they recently changed the color pallet so I found the perfect blue color. But I was itching for some more colors so I opted for a pattern that has a yoke in 5 colors, without consulting my dad I chose 2 brown colours, gray and white to go with the blue main color.   Here is the pattern I will be using.

When I started to knit again in 2007 (hadn´t knitted since I was a teenager), the first thing I was going to make was a "Lopapeysa" for my husband as a Christmas present, but I didn't swatch and it ended up to small for my husband. Kind of Ironic since my gauge now is always way  to loose, even when I go down a needle size. This is the sweater that I made in 2007.  So I ended up giving it to my dad for Christmas (size medium), he wears it frequently.

The knitting is going slowly, I started last Sunday, and I only have knitted 30 cm... I usually get to knit 1/3 of a row before somebody needs me, apart from my 6 week old my 2 1/2 year old was at home sick most part of the week. My goal is to finish the sleeves next week, maybe I´m to optimistic as I´m getting down with a cold myself.

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