Saturday, October 20, 2012

Traditional mittens

I bought the book "vettlingabókin" today, and I have already started on the mittens on the cover (on the left site).  The book includes patterns that are worked from old mittens in museums in Iceland (book is only in Icelandic)

The mitten pattern which I´m knitting,  was made by a women who lived in 1883-1966.  Many of the patterns in this book remind me of my great-grandmother, many look similar to the ones she knitted. I want to knit almost all of the mittens in this book.
 A few years ago it wouldn´t have bothered me either that there is no gauge mentioned in the pattern (Gauge seems not be that important to many icelandic knitters myself included ) The mittens I´m making seem to be a little wide for me, but I will finish them and then just see for future mittens how I can change the pattern... as it would then mean to decrase about 10 stitches witch is a lot don´t want to make to tight mittens.  It is not really an option for me to go to a smaller needle size... I´m already knitting on 2mm needles which are the smallest I own , I would at least need to buy smaller needels, not sure I want to do that... but that might be the choice in the end.

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