Sunday, October 21, 2012


I´ve finished the test knit for tincanknits

I knitted the 0-6months size, but since my gauge was a bit off, I ended up by increasing the length of arms and boyd a bit so I ended up with 6-12 months size.  Can´t wait to use it next summer/fall, fortunately we do need wool clothes during the sommer/fall here in Iceland.

yarn: Mitu (Rauma)
pattern:  to be released, will let you know when it has been published, and my project page on Ravelry will be updated with a link to the pattern.


  1. Looking forward to the release of the pattern! :) I really like the lace pattern - a really nice detail on a simple baby sweater :)

    1. it is in all sizes, so not just a baby sweater :)'

  2. What a nice detail on the yoke! Looking forward to the pattern release.

  3. This was a beautiful design! Hope it will soon be on ravelry for more of us:) Your grey one is adorable!!