Friday, October 19, 2012

Sock Virgin

I decided to challenge my self and knit my first pair of socks ever.  I knitted for my 2 year old, in Icelandic wool (léttlopi) and used the following pattern (in Icelandic) :

It is a big step for me, I conquered my fear of sock-knitting, if I had only known how simple it is!

The Icelandic wool is extremely warm, but it is a bit scratchy, my daughter doesn't mind so this will bring her warmt this winter. Suddenly all socks are to small for her... no wonder maybe since she used 19-20 last winter, but this fall she's wearing 23-24.

I will surely be more adventurous in my sock-knitting future, but for now I'm pleased to master this particular pattern.


  1. Congratulations with your first pair of socks! :) I still haven't knitted my first pair yet, because I suffer from the same fear of 'sock-knitting'! ;)