Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yarn hoarding for future projects

There was an offer on yarn , and i bought alot of it,  enough for a sweater for my hubby.  Planning for a birthday present this sommer.  Can´t understand why I´m ever planning to knit a man´s sweater again but I have already bought the yarn so i must finish it.

i bought grey and black Léttlopi (icelandic yarn)

main colour

pattern chart colour

I´m planning on making a cardigan, with big collar (have no idea how to make the kind of collar I want to make, just have an idea in mind) and similar pattern chart to this.

I just need to surf the internet (or maybe shops) for pictures of collars, which might give me an idea how to make the collar i have in mind.

i have now already decided the next 3-4 projects,  I have to many ideas and not enough time to knit them all.

Here are some pictures of collars that are somewhat similar to what I was thinking about, but as this will be a cardigan it won´t be excactly like it.

This one is to small and to wide, but i like the ribbed effect

this is not quite right either , to wide ribs, but the collar is more snuggly, which I like

There is something about this collar in the back, but it is to wide in the front

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