Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project 4 - free pattern

Project 4 finally finished,  and my hubby was very excited to pose for me as you can see on the pictures;).  I will also be uploading pictures of my brother the proud new owner of the cardigan, when I get a chance to take pictures of him in it.

Size:   L  (European Large, might be medium in the US)
Finished measurements :
Chest circumference:  110 cm // 43,3 inches 
Sleeve length: 53 cm // 20,9 inches
Body length: 47 cm // 18,5 inches
Gauge (after wash):  
10cm x 10 cm  15 stitches x 21 rounds
3,93 inches x 3,93 inches  - 15 stitches x 21 rounds

Yarn:   Léttlopi -  50g/1,75oz 100m/109 yd  per skein
-Black: 2 skeins                                 Shade 0059
-Dark  Grey:  6 ½ skein                     Shade 0058
- Light Grey: 2 skeins                        Shade 0056
- Blue: 1 skein                                   Shade 1403
- White: 1 skein                                 Shade 0051

1 skein dark Einband knitted with the light grey to get the desired colour effect.

4 mm // US 6 // UK 8
5 mm // US 8 // UK 6

Cast on 186 stitches with black on 4 mm // US 6 // UK 8  needles,

 1 round: * knit 2, purl 1*  - repeat *    
2 round: * purl 2, knit 1 * - repeat*

Repeat round  1 and 2 until you have knitted 5 cm of black.  

Change to Dark Grey and needle size. Cast on 2 stitches that are always purled.  Join and knit in the round on  5 mm // US 8 // UK 6 Needles.    (total of 188 stitches)
All stitches are now knitted (stockinette)  apart from the 2 in the middle in the front that are purled. The 2 stitches in the middle will be used to cut up the cardigan in the end.   Knit until you have 44 cm. 

Cast on 48 stitches in black  on 4 mm // US 6 // UK 8  needles,  join in the round and knit 5 cm of  *knit 2, purl 1*

Change to Dark Grey and 5 mm // US 8 // UK 6 Needles and start to knit stockinette.     Increase in the first round 2 stitches ( 1  after the first stitch and 1 before the last stitch).   Then repeat these increases in every 7th round, in total 9 times. So that you will have in total 66 stitches.   Then knit until the sleeve measures 51 cm.  

Put 12 stitches in the middle on a yarn in another colour  (where the increases were), this will be under the arm.

Knit the second sleeve identical to the first one.

You now have 320 Stitches ( 66 stitches each sleeve, 186 stitches body + 2 stitches that are always purled).  
Knit the 2 purled stitches
Knit 40 stitches
Put 12 stitches on a yarn of another colour and keep for the finishing under the arms.
Connect the first sleeve – knit the rest of the sleeve
Knit 82 stitches
Put 12 stitches on a yarn of another colour and keep
Connect the second sleeve – knit the rest of the sleeve
Knit 40 stitches.

There will be 48 stitches under the arms that are not knitted but kept on a yarn, and 2 purl stitches (50 stitches not in the pattern) . In total there are therefore 270 stitches for the pattern, as the pattern is based on 8 stitches, decrease in the first round when connecting the sleeves 6 stitches so that in total there will be 264 stitches.   Follow the pattern chart below for the rest of the decreases ( Ʌ = decrease).

When you have knitted according to the pattern chart, decrease even over one round until you have 75 stitches, switch to smaller needles again and knit 5 cm in black of *knit 2, purl 1*

Graft under the arms.  Sew in a sewing machine the purled stitches in the middle, and then cut up the cardigan.  Crochet a border with dobble crochet (dc) in every other stitch. When you reach the end add one chain and dc down again now in every crochet stitch from the last round.  Add buttonholes by doing chains and skip one of the stitches to make the hole.  Or add zipper.  I did three rounds of dc on both sides.  Weave in ends if needed ( I sewed most of mine in the sewing machine, just made sure to end every skein where the purl stitches are).

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