Friday, March 23, 2012

Grandmothers that knit..

When my baby girl was born in 2010, both her grandmothers knitted for her before she was born.

She got a blanket, that she still uses and has been used a lot in the past 19 months. And a cardigan, that was intended as a "take-my home from the hospital" outfit, but was way to big.  She used the cardigan for the first year.

They didn´t stop there after she was born, she also got another cardigan and a sweater

And before she was one she also had recieved this kittycat sweater

Now she just recieved another sweater I need to take a picture of her in it and show it to you.  I got to influence to color choises, it is off-white and brown and I love it. She is wearing it today :) 

I therefore didn´t have any need to knit for her the first year, but I knitted 2 sweaters also. I have shown a picture of one already.  On her second year I have knittied 1 sweater and 1 cardigan and planning to knit many more. 

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