Monday, March 4, 2013

Old cardigan get´s a new life

I added a neon orange crochet edging around a purple cardigan I knitted while pregnant in 2010.  Here is a picture of the previous owner in the sweater.

And here is a picture of little sister in the same cardigan,

 There is now one button missing, it is really a shame since now there is a bit to much space between the remaining buttons and I couldn´t been bothered to move one of the buttons. I never really used this cardigan for my older girl, as it is a bit thick. It was more spur of the moment thing. I'm also planning to improve my non-existing crochet skills this year so it is about time to start.. almost one quartal of the year finished.

Closer look at the crochet edging.

I love the fact that I picked out this neon orange when I was a kid and that this is leftovers from when my mom knitted me a neon orange sweater :)

Pattern: Ungi
Yarn: Sandnes Smart


  1. Wow, your kids look alike. Nice cardi:-)

    1. thank you :) finally someone agrees with me that they look alike, everyone seems to think that my younger looks like me and the older like her dad.

  2. Cute - that's a nice upgrade . and I agree with Fru Larsen - your kids looks so a like :)