Friday, March 15, 2013

Doll Clothes

I´ve been planning to knit doll clothes for a while as my daughter´s doll clothes wardrobe is very minimal.
Finally got around to it after inspiration from tovrange

I did not use any pattern just eye-balled it , I knitted this from the bottom up, very similar to one of the pickles patterns (but probably very different method of getting the results). I used 2 strands of dale baby ull, and I have no idea of what needle size I used , I just grabbed some that seemed to do the trick.

I have already started on a doll cardigan. Since this is so quick to knit with double yarn I´m already having some more ideas on how to destash all the baby-yarn and make doll clothes. Next on the agenda are ribbed pants for the doll (should be able to fit more than one of her dolls).

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