Thursday, January 10, 2013

First sweater of the year

I decided to start this year frugally, and knit with my stash and finish ongoing projects before I buy any more yarn.

I made a car sweater for my 2 year old. She loves car´s and pink, so she was extremely happy with the sweater.

It is not very easy to photograph a independent 2 year old, so I tried to take the sweater of her and photograph just the sweater.  It ended with tears/screams as she wanted to wear the sweater and was furious that I had taken it off. The only picture I managed was her hanging on to the sweater and demanding to get it back.

So I let her choose where I should take the picture, She wanted to sit on the sofa reading a book in her car sweater.

Pattern: I based the sweater loosely on this pattern (stitch count), but I made it a raglan and with different collar. I used the cars chart  from here on Ravelry.
Yarn: One strand Plötulopi (istex) and one strand Einband (istex).  I used less than one roll (plate) of the pink Plötulopi, and more than one skein of the pink Einband.  I needed very little of the blue Plötulopi and the Einband.

This was supposed to be a granny-chic cardigan for me. But after 6 months of hibernation I decided that I would never finish it and should rather use the yarn for something else. I have already made a pair of mittens. And I have a lot of yarn left.

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