Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas presents

My favourite gift this Christmas was handmade by my 2 year old daughter. I really love it, the colour combination is beautiful, specially when it is lit.

My second favourite present was the duckling and the egg, she went with her dad to buy this present knowing exactly what to get me. It apparently took quite some time before she found the right duckling and the right egg.

There was also knitting related Christmas presents, my 2 year old got a Icelandic Lopi sweater from her grandmother, and a matching sweater/hat for her doll. She was very happy with the sweater, and the first thing she told her grandmother was that her other dolls did not own any sweaters, and asked for some more :)

I´m still very pregnant, so I didn´t get another girl for Christmas. Christmas ended here in Iceland on 6th of January. I´m now week overdue and can´t wait to get this little girl to the world.

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  1. Awwww...fallegir pakkar!

    Koma svo Auður Soffia litla, láttu það eftir þér að fara að koma í heiminn :)