Tuesday, January 1, 2013


There were over 8.000 pagevisits last year..    the people who visited came from all over the world...  Mostly from Iceland though... maybe I should just blog in Icelandic.

Out of these visits there were almost 3500 referalls from other websites. My main traffic sources are Ravelry ,  dossag.blogspot.com and google.

Earnings were none,  well in all fairness I earned around 11 € with google adds, but as google only pays when the amount of 70€ is reaches, there is no payday for me. I was hoping to support my yarn addiction with adds... no such luck. In the almost 8000 hits there were 57 clicks for adds. Not a good track record so in other words, not really worth it to have google adds.  As I would need to blog in 7 years to get any payday, and then it would not even amount to much.

I made over 29 projects last year, and mostly sweaters and mittens. I made my fist pair ever of mittens this year and apparantly I like to make mittens.

 Who did I knit for?

I exceeded my goal of 12 projects in 2012,  haven´t set myself any goals for 2013 yet.


  1. Ó þú ofvirki prjónasnillingur :)

    Gleðilegt árið og knúsar til þín og þinna!

  2. takk sömuleiðis gleðilegt ár :)

  3. So many nice things - hope you keep on blogging in English but I can just use google translate when I read your blog so just do what feels best.

    I really like your design - so many things that inspire me. Good luck with your (soon to be born?) new baby.

    1. thank you :) I´m a week overdue so I really hope it is sooner rather than later that she will be born.