Friday, June 21, 2013

Cloth-diaper cover

The summer is finally here, so I was able to sit outside and knit today, I made these quick diaper cover. I didn´t have the right yarn at hand, so I used Icelandic unspun wool and sandnes alpakka .  The diaper cover (or bullet proof vest) is way to thick I think, I have no idea as I don´t use cloth diapers how they are supposed to be, any suggestions/tips are welcome.

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time in this chair knitting, it needs some tender love and care but I´m not going to do anything about it until dh goes on summer holiday, my few moments "alone" will be spent  bathing in the sun.

Pattern:  Strik til nøstebarn
Yarn:  sandnes alpakka and unspun icelandic wool
needles: 4.5 mm

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  1. Hi - diaper covers are quite think to make them work - and I guess that unspun wool works wonders if the intention is to use it as a diaper cover. Actually I think it can be a sweet pair of shorts for a baby too :)