Friday, May 3, 2013

Yarn swap

I just got my package in the mail in the spring-time yarn swap, it came from Anna in Norway

I got 2 skeins Dale baby ull , Japp chockolade (mmm... already halfeaten) and stitch stoppers .I  don´t own stitch stoppers so I look forward to try them, I love to have way to many stitches on circular needles and then I often have the problem that when I next get to my projects some of the stitches have fallen of the needles, hoping that this will be the answer to that. 
Not sure what to do with the yarn yet, I recently exchanged some yarn with my mom so I have several skeins of this yarn in different colors. I really like to knit with it, so now I´m off to ravelry to get inspiration on how to use it. 

Thank you Anna, I specially loved the chockolate, felt like I was back in norway :) I therefore got a bit nostalgic when recieving the chockolate. I have spent some months working in norway 2002 (Asker), and also spent some time there as a kid while my mom worked in Førde sjukehus, she's a nurse. 

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