Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who wore it best?

Nearly ready, only steeking and crochet border left.  I used the oppertunity to take pictures of my sister in it while she visited today.

My older daughter wanted in on the action and believe it or not she styled her hair herself and made up the poses.

And also a picture of me in the unfinished cardigan, I still have a few kg to go after the birth of my younger daughter but I´m working on it.  I´m also the one with the long arms in my family, my sister is a swimmer she could have used some of my armlength ;)

My mom was cold, so she borrowed the "cardigan" and I of course took the oppertunity to photograph her  in it as well.

If you are wondering, I think  my sister wears it the best (sorry mom).

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