Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have a lot of Einband and Plötulopi, since I won´t be finishing a planned project.  Made mittens from the book "strik til nøstebarn".  

They ended up way to thick, I went on the istex website to check the ply, and there was no mention of it,  I assumed it would be 1ply. I therefore knitted with 4 strands of Einband, a mistake on my behalf. Realised later that on ravelry Einband is categorised as 2 ply.  The mittens are therefore a bit thick, and stiff... hope that they will soften up a bit with wear. Not sure if they will be used a lot.  On the bright side my 2 year old likes the colors very much.

I have not been knitting anything in the last 2 weeks... just sleeping and sleeping... very pregnant and hoping not to give birth on the 24th of desember, any other day soon would be fine.


  1. Heres hoping you can wait until tomorrow. I hope everything will be fine. The mittens look fine. If the weather is cold enough, will they not be ok, do you think? Merry Christmas!

  2. yes she will probably use them if we get a cold winter this year, but they are not very practical for playing in as they are so stiff. But I have a lot more yarn and can try the pattern again, liked that :D
    Still pregnant and hoping to stay that way for at least 24 more hours :D