Sunday, December 9, 2012

Leftover Blanket

I was trying to figure out how much yarn I have, and what I could do with it, before I go and buy me some more.  As in approximatly 3 weeks we will be 4 in this 2 bedroom apartment... so I frankly don´t have any room for yarn hoarding. 

I found about 6 not full skeins of Létt-Lopi and decided to start on a blanket... not my brightest idea (I blame it on the pregnancy), as I will need to buy more yarn than I had in the beginning and probably create more leftover yarn.   This is what I have so far, I bought 3 extra skeins (and the brown is the only new skein so far).  I´m not sure whether to just make a baby blanket and try to use as much of the yarn that I have or make a full blown blanket....  The knitting is going very slowly, and again I blame it on the pregnancy.. I just don´t have the energy to knit.

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